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Happening Now -Bejing



​During my time in South Africa I 'walked  the vines' on a regular basis and this now continues in Cyprus and Turkey. I hope in the coming year to do the same in China, where there are some of the most interesting vineyards I have ever seen.


My consultancy work has been challenging, a young vineyard,  hot climate, Hornets and the ever present water shortages, which are par for the course in hot countries.

Unlike South Africa, the Cypriot wine industry has been largely for the 'home' market and quality wines have been thin on the ground. So the challenges being faced by St Hilarion were -  to create quality wine, promote within Cyprus to grow home markets and bring the wines into the larger world wide market place.  How have we done?  


St Hilarion has been able to deliver, even though it is a relatively young vineyard, a series of quality wines, some of which are still maturing and showing well. .  This  young vineyard has much promise, it is  in the North of Cyprus in the hills surrounding Kyrenia and has been planted with Cabernet Sauvigion, Chardonney,  and the not so usual,  Pinotage.  The hot climate is not kind to the production of white wines, but cooler higher ground has been sourced to enable the white wines to reach the quality of the already established reds.

The Rose was a huge success at recent UK tastings and the sparkling wines were also showing well.  

The Eliz, Selda and Murat wines have all been named after the Seyfi family, some of which have proved so popular that stock is no longer available.

This Year

Harvesting at the moment, and just starting the yeast (for those of you who want to know the how and why - i have put some pictures on i the technical page).


I am usually out a little earlier in the year, to check on the harvest and crushing, but this year I have been able to leave this to Gulcin, the winemaker and just be involved in the testing and tasting.  There has been lively debate on the use of a cooler fermentation than usual and 


With three books published by Wiley, I am currently working on number Four.


  • From Vine to bottle, with my  co-author and  fellow wine educator Hazel Tattersall this book was  produced  in 2005 

  • Wine Quality and Selection, my Gourmand Award winning book was selected as the best wine education book in the world in 2009 and won another Gourmand award in 2016.  

  • Wine Quality and Production just published in 2016 is the latest book which, combines and expands on the topics covered in vine to bottle and wine quality and selection.  There are very positive reviews from the industry and I am pleased to say that it has been included on the Wine and Spirits Education Trust recommended reading list.

  • Wine Faults my current project, being worked on as we speak....

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